Did Clouds Ruin Your Eclipse Moments?

Americans were all giddy with excitement as they witness a rare total solar eclipse, something that has not occurred in decades. Dubbed as “The Great American Eclipse,” It is the first total solar eclipse that crosses the country from coast to coast and is only visible in USA. And I mean literally, no one outside the continental U.S. will see the eclipse!

A total solar eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon that occurs when the moon passes between Earth and the sun, momentarily obscuring the latter. The phenomenon usually lasts for a couple of minutes for those standing within the eclipse’s path of totality. However, partial eclipse—which happens when the moon covers some parts of the sun, usually last for a few hours.

“The Great American Eclipse” is such a rare phenomenon that some people traveled hundreds of miles to cities on the path of totality like Nashville, Tennessee and Salem that offers the best view.

But there is one thing that puts a damper on the event: clouds.

According to ABC News, huge parts of central United States and along the Southeast coast were affected by cloudy skies. A weather system in the middle of the country also interfered with the eclipse’s visibility on parts of Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri.


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