Boto3 + Pyboto3 = Autocomplete = ❤︎

At Wavycloud we use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to run our service and we use boto3 to manage and automate our infrastructure as well as using it in our Lambda microservices.

One caveat to boto3 is the lack of autocomplete, which means you will have to open boto3 documentation every time you use it just to copy those long function and parameter names.

We decided to fix that by creating pyboto3. We used BeautifulSoup to parse the documentation of boto3 and generate python stub files that will give hint to your IDE.

Here is what will happen when u click ctrl+space after you install pyboto3 and annotate boto3 client.


😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 crazy cool right?

Here is how you can enable this feature.

pip install pyboto3
import boto3
s3 = boto3.client('s3')
""" :type : pyboto3.s3 """
# s3. will give you autocomplete for s3 methods

This is currently limited to boto3 clients and doesn’t work for resources like Paginators, Waiters, Table, etc.

This was currently tested on PyCharm and it worked like a charm. Let us know if it doesn’t work for your favorite IDE.