4 steps to make a great video for your business for under $99!

Did you like the video above? Great, we are going to help you make a better one for your business for under $99.

Making a great video for your business could cost you thousands of dollars $$$. That’s the last thing an entrepreneur like you should do. Entrepreneurs should save money. So let’s get to it.

1. Write Video Script ($0-$15)

Before thinking of the video, you need a script written and voice recorded. You can do it your self if you are a skilled writer. You can alternatively hire a freelance writer. Make sure to look at their previous work and make sure it fits your business style.

Ask your self the following questions when writing the script:

  • What are the expected results?
  • Who is the target customer?
  • What is the message you are trying to deliver?
  • What is the single action that users should take after watching the video?

Start the script with an engaging opener that can easily resonate with your customer. Start with the customer in mind. Avoid starting with “We are Bla Bla Bla and we do this and that”. You can start by asking a question or relating to customer’s pain points, which will make them feel heard and listened to.

Don’t forget to mention your brand throughout the script to make sure it sticks to viewers. Emphasize words that should be spoken with a high-pitch.

End the script with the brand name and a call to action that viewers should take.

Keep refining the script before moving to Step 2.

2. Record a Voice-Over ($5-$20)

Once you are satisfied with the script, try to read it out loud with your own voice and aks friends or co-workers what they think. Make sure the details are nailed down before hiring a voice-over actor.

You can record your own voice, but chances are you don’t have the equipment necessary to make a clear voice-over. You don’t want to end up with noise or kids running around in the background.

I recommend finding a voice-over actor that matches your style and preference. And, ask your self:

  • What voice would my customers love to hear?
  • What tone should the script be recorded with (enthusiastic, happy, energetic, thrilling or sad)?

Make sure to listen to previous recordings and make sure that the voice-actor you select vary the tone along the recording. Montone voice might bore your customers.

3. Make the video ($0-$1000)

Now the exciting part, the video itself.

If you have an artistic and creative talent (unlike me) then you might want to DIY. Here are some tools that you may find useful:

If you are like me, find a freelancer that you like his work. Here are some websites that I use to find freelancers:

Some freelancers will give you a package of:

  • Writing the script
  • Recording Voice Over
  • Making the video

However, I recommend paying attention to each step and put your soul and vision into each one. Make sure to prepare the following design assets (in high-def):

  • Logo
  • Icons
  • Color codes of the brand
  • Font type to use

4. Refine & Negotiate

Don’t just accept the first revision. Make sure to get the video perfected as agreed before releasing the final payment.

Compromise on anything (Price, Length, sound effects, etc) but not on the overall quality. If the video turned out to be of a low-quality don’t bother publishing it. It could do more harm than good. Actually, a poor quality video will associate your brand with a low-quality work.

Don’t forget to tip the freelancer once you are happy with the result.

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